Mellow Monkey Yoga

ONLINE :: Intermediate Flow
with April E.


December 6 (Tuesday)
at 6:00 pm (GMT-08:00)

Class length
60 minutes

Room name
Online (Zoom)

Online :: Intermediate Flow
(Live Online, not in person)

  • Class Description: Intermediate Flow is a more intense, semi-advanced-level class, focusing on movement with the breath. Some yoga experience strongly suggested. This class will explore heat-building sequences, working into deeper, more advanced postures, such as arm balances and inversions. It is always recommended that you take your time, and really honor your body's limitations. Have fun, and bring your water (and maybe a towel)!
    • Please note: This class is not for beginners, or for people with significant limitations, injuries, or medical conditions. If you have a solid yoga practice, general health, and stamina for our All-Level Flow, and you feel ready to proceed with advanced yoga postures, this class is for you. 
  • More Info:
    • You'll receive your Zoom Link in your registration email & another reminder a few hours prior to class. Check your spam! 
    • This a live, online class. There will not be a recorded playback available. 
  • Preregistration Info:
    • You must purchase a pass online in order to preregister for a class. 
    • Passes that can be used to access this class are:
      • Drop In Rate
      • 5-Punch Card
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      • Any Punch Card
      • Membership :: Online Only
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  • About Attending Online Classes:
    • Please keep in mind that online classes can not replace the connection, attention, and teacher/student communication that is able to happen in-person. Our online classes are meant to be a supplement to an ongoing, in-person practice, as well as a way to keep us connected during covid. 
    • Sometimes we have technical difficulties. If an online class seems to not be working, please "leave" the zoom meeting, and try re-joining with your original link. If that doesn't work, please email us. We'll make sure you don't lose a punch off your card. 
    • If you have any injuries, please email us in advance so your instructor can be made aware of your needs.
    • If you are new(er) to yoga, please email us in advance so your your instructor knows to cue more to the needs of a new student (many of their students have been with them for years, so the teaching is different when that is the case. We are always happy to teach to who is present, we just need to know.)
    • When the instructor is teaching online, she is unable to see details of each student's movements. Please rest or modify as needed. Our in-person classes offer more specific, individualized guidance.
    • The instructor is often juggling a full in-person class at the same time. Even though we are happy to be able to offer our live, online classes at this time, they are not meant to replace the quality and experience of working with our qualified intructors in person.


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